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1981 September     Founding of Spektrum GmbH as a Spin Off from Optical Institute of the Technical University of Berlin

1983 - 1989              Development and Production of Medical Lasers for Ophthalmological Applications

9th of November 1989    Innovation Price of Berlin



1989 - 1997              Development of Diode Pumped Lasers and Production of Lamp Pumped Solid State Laser

1997 - 1999              Production of first DPSS Lasers

1999 - 2013              Owner/Partner of IB Laser Berlin

                                   Production of Lamp Pumped and DPSS Lasers for medical, industrial and military applications

2014                          Upgrading and increasing the development activities of Spektrum for World Wide customers

2014 - 2019              Manufacturing know-how transfer to partner manufacturing sites.

2015 - 2019              Production volume at Berlin and partner manufacturing sites over 850 units.

2017                          Founding of Spektrum Prisma GmbH

2017-2020                Transfer of business from Spektrum GmbH to Spektrum Prisma GmbH

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